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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 14, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>>state lawmakers say they're one step closer to closing a loophole in the law that benefits drivers under the influence to leave the scene of an accident kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the effort. >>supporters of this bill had to wait almost a year to see it pass out of this committee, but they say tuesday's vote was worth the wait park, i work i susan cladding tried to
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keep her composure as the assembly public safety committee unanimously passed a bill written in honor of her late husband, gavin it's just it's frankly pretty overwhelming and as i was hearing the boat. i just you a very just so people central valley man gavin go adding was out jogging in 2018 when he was hit and killed by a suspected drunk unlicensed driver rogelio alvarez alvarez spent about a year in prison after being sentenced to 3 he was a bullet. >>and he was a prince of a husband father leader in our community. and he was and over left on the side of the road by that person. it killed him and instead of. calling 911 being a human being trying to help this person survived taking the consequences like a decent human being this individual fled it stayed on the run for it score days. and
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as a result sobered up dui drivers who get caught in a fatal crash can face many more years in prison than those who leave the scene and sober up gavin's law aims to close the gap boosting the maximum prison sentence for deadly hit and run drivers from 4 years to 6 assemblyman jim patterson credits oozing weddings, tearful testimony last session for swain lawmakers to move forward the finish line. >>it is in sight, the bills next hurdle will be in the appropriations committee before it can land on the assembly floor reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news tonight at 5.30 kron 4 is always tracking local stories, here's a look now at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. >>we'll start today in the east bay tonight, we know the nia wilson murder trial will stay in alameda county. >>this morning an alameda county judge denied a motion to change the venue you saw john leak how he's facing charges of murder and attempted murder after prosecutors say he attacked 19 year-old nia wilson and her sister 26 year-old with people
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wilson. this is at the macarthur bart station back in july of 2018. cal's defense team had filed a motion to change the trial location saying they do not believe their client. we'll have a fair trial locally. the judge though denied the motion saying this trial we'll be racially charged no matter where it's held. >>also in the east bay police in pittsburgh pulled the car out of a canal after that car crashed in the area of west leeland road and range road. police posted this video on instagram showing the car being pulled out of the water. witnesses told police that the car was speeding and swerving in and out of lanes they also told police that the driver ran red lights after the car crashed for good samaritans jumped into the freezing water and pulled the driver out police say the driver appeared to be intoxicated nearly a quarter of the country's homeless veterans live here in california and today, the veterans affairs committee held a hearing. >>focus on trying to get homeless veterans better access to housing, vouchers and resources joke a little reports.
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>>10's of thousands of veterans across the country are living on the streets even though many are eligible for federal housing vouchers. i operate under the premise that not one. >>veteran should go without housing, so we do have good people at the da who are working solving this congressman mike levin says one of the departments of veterans affairs and housing and urban development are making progress on the problem the v a's more than 650 caseworker short of the staff needed to connect all eligible vets to housing there are still people who are slipping through the cracks. >>in san diego, 31% of dash vouchers are going on utilized also the cost of housing in states like california continues to rise and the number of affordable units hasn't kept up the pace, some veterans who do get federal vouchers still can't afford their full cost of rent of 4 making really good progress hunter kurtz, a hud official says the va and hud have worked together since 2010 to
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reduce the number of homeless vets by 50% he says both agencies are working to overcome their obstacles but says their model governor is working it. i don't think it's that we are facing. >>new challenges i just think it's trying to find ways to make the program continue to work better. levin says he's working on a legislative solution and believes solving the housing crisis for veterans is something both parties support in washington, i'm joe colyer and bad news for boeing the company now reporting it had more cancellations than new orders last year. >>company reported its final order numbers and deliveries for 2019 today. >>and they were as bad as expected boeing's total orders for commercial jets last year fell by 87 jets deliveries also tumbled 53% from 806 down to 380 much of that is due to the grounding of the 7.37 max following 2 fatal crashes. they killed over 300 people. >>and for the first time in 25 years wine consumption in the us is down. instead of wind.
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researchers are finding that americans are drinking more of those hard seltzers and liquor. think white cloth this follows a broader trend of people looking for perhaps healthier lower-calorie choices. tariffs also pose another big problem for wine and spirits in retaliation for subsidies euro provided to aircraft maker airbus president trump recently proposed a 100% tariff on french wine and champagne that is in addition to an already imposed 25% tariff on most european wines and whiskeys. >>well tonight a new study has found a link between warmer temperatures and deadly injuries. according to researchers a temperature increase of just 2.7 degrees. would cause an increase in injury deaths here in the us most of those deaths would be among men spanning mostly from adolescence to middle age. the goal of the study was to find out if unusual temperatures have an effect on unintentional and intentional dance, including accidents
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falls drownings assault and suicide. the study examined death rates in temperature data from a 1980 to 2017. >>a look at the weather situation that we have this coming in from seminole we have a fairly clear skies going on in land that's going allow that radiational cooling the kick in. but those temperatures go into freefall get in the 30's department before some clouds start rolling on in late tonight, early tomorrow, hears of the golden gate bridge again a nice clear shot we can are in very nicely and a little bit of a breeze checking in as well. not what we're watching really over our shoulders literally is this big storm out to sea here it's going to take a good day to get its act together but when it does boy you really feel it happening. late wednesday night through thursday as we've been talking about timed perfectly. for the morning commute but tomorrow's commute looks like this waking up to scattered frost in the inland areas and some fog to temps in the 40's inland about 36 or so by high noon will do about 50 over most of the
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region cool conditions. the sun may be poking a little bit but it loses the battle mostly cloudy as we go into the evening hours. and mild with temperatures lower to middle 50's as one time the south now in terms of the storm rolling on in here's the cloud cover tomorrow afternoon some scattered showers boom there. it is the heavier rain showers by 6.30 say behind it some imbedded moderate rain showers but scattered about will fill out the rest of your thursday. meanwhile, off to the mountains it will be quite active as well. timing is a little bit off compared to the bay perspective with the snow arriving, the heavy snow should say maybe about 7 8 o'clock and that spurred will produce as much as maybe one or 2 feet of additional new snow. there is a winter storm warning going on snow starts about 2000 feet in elevation that's because we have a cold start then it will kind of rise a little bit up to about 3500 feet or so as we have the southerly flow about one to 2 feet of new snow and localized amounts make it 3 check in your extended forecast in a bit back to you.
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>>up for the last democratic race before the iowa caucuses, what you can expect candidates to focus on tonight in des moines. >>and in attempted robbery caught on camera in the north bay what happened when a mom at her home with her baby heard strange noises. coming from her roof.
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>>worth a group of burglars trying to break into a nevado home and you know it's all
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caught on surveillance video. police say it happened late sunday afternoon kron four's dan thorn spoke to the homeowners. >>the mom was there with the baby in the house at the time she saw them through a window talk about terrified, they say they're just thankful, everyone safe. >>frightening surveillance video shows fast-moving burglars attempting to get into in novato home they're seen sprinting up a set of stairs and jumping over walls what they didn't know was someone was there upsetting >>so unsettling i mean this was in the middle of the afternoon stacy drake who says says she was sitting in her living room watching tv when she heard some unusual noises on the roof. >>her husband had just left for the grocery store so it was just a mother and her baby and the sounds were really concerning just yet sometimes we get turkey's up on the roofs. i didn't really think anything of it when the noises grew louder this window caught her attention. and i just happened to look up.
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>>the window overhead there and i see a masked face peering down at me drake who says says with her 4 month-old sleeping upstairs her maternal instincts kicked into high i just instinctively just started shouting as loud as i could to started screaming my head off. >>drake who says says she was able to scare off the group who took off down fairway drive in a black mercedes, but the burglars didn't stop there just a short time later they were seen trying to break into a home in marine would eventually smashed in the glass and the home's front door to get inside. but it's not believed they made off with anything novato police are warning people to take a good look at these pictures in hopes of identifying the suspects meanwhile drake who says recommends others take measures to protect their homes if you've been ah, you sitting on the idea of putting security cameras or security
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system in your home. >>do it reporting in nevado dan thorn kron 4 news. >>and we're less than an hour away from the last democratic debate before the iowa caucuses will be talking with our political analyst michael yockey and tom dealt with karl live about the hot topics
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>>welcome back final democratic debate before the
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iowa caucuses, which are next month in the field of candidates is getting smaller is it ever just yesterday senator cory booker dropped out of the race and now only 6 democratic candidates will be on stage tonight in the morning joining us now is the host of inside area politics catherine heenan and our political analyst tom dealt the and michael yockey guys were wondering. well, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren really go at it tonight. >>well i love the new york times headline mom and dad are fighting for her knee to the fact that lizabeth worn of course accusing sanders of saying a woman can't win in 2020 where is this going to go tonight i think bernie. >>my opinion bernie has to be the better person say apologize say was a misunderstanding put it to bed get rid of because otherwise this will trigger warren and this could become a very feisty and very ugly debate very quickly. it's a make or break for her because she was
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yesterday's is yesterday's news to payton september's he's got to find relevancy again that's why she's playing the gender card. >>but i think it's too late for her. the other thing to watch for is joe biden there's less people on stage that means is going to get more time, he's gaffe prone. he's he's in the lead in nassau lee. i i'm skeptical of the polls a high in iowa because i was about volunteer. and you know as volunteers. people teachers has volunteers and bernie sanders has volunteers that are sure about that and biden hasn't has a pretty good machine now he's got money going and iowa is really about electability that's what the voters are looking at and all the polls show biden is high likeability his but his challenge is in this debate too. not lose i think and let and if the if the sparks start to fly between between sanders and warren let it happen stay above the fray. we'll see what the other with the other folks in there. you know save stier covert or whatever but i think
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this is his to just stay above it and stay out of it and see what happens with that exactly whiting bernie these to get this on the way because he doesn't want to remind people that he broke the non-aggression pact with warren because that will have a little a little teens among the democratic base ok to some people are saying this really doesn't work for either of them and that ultimately that could both look party in phase said each other on fire doesn't work really want to say going back and forth because they're not in the haha you want to go on for the guy allegedly in the lead which is joe biden. >>i honestly look there are 4 people pulling within 5 points of each other. then nature a mile which is not winner. take all you're going to have a tight finish one person is probably going to come out and tonight bettering her cause because she wants to be vice president is a recall of which are here she's done and we keep saying she's had good debate. she said good performances and she needs to us make a mark and of course 3
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of the people participating tonight, sitting senators going to be sucked into the senate impeachment trial. >>where they basically are going to be off the campaign trail. so it's now or maybe never coverage for math works out pretty well in terms of where you want the electoral vote to come from, she's a grounded midwesterner she's very midwestern values. you know the the pennsylvania ohio request cards and wisconsin and michigan angle is really where the democrats are looking at this time. but again i you know in terms of the primary itself. i don't think she has a chance because as as you as we both know it's not a question of just what the first vote is there's a viability tessa goes on and people caucus every caucus and that comes up the eventual eventual winner. and in that. both born and kosher start to fall out faster than the other then buddha judge biden and sanders star, they're wrapping this up of this will be fun. i mean i consider her color i
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think it's going to be fine vicky in grant we will be back at 8 30 after the debate. >>and do this again. >>appreciate it said be sure to tune in for inside area politics every week it airs right here on kron 4. every sunday morning at 6.30 and then you can also watch it on our app kron on saturdays and sunday mornings at 11 oh 5 coming up after the break. a house cat scares off 3
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>>los angeles house cat proved himself. you might say when he faced a fee look at the little guy these are all key dodi surrounding him and the security camera captures it yeah you don't want to mess with this cat sara donchey has details of this epic battle, >>is he cute yet if he cut only without a doubt but make no mistake this is the face of a warrior too. >>my husband and i were watching a movie right here and all of a sudden we see this kind of shadow of a tail max the highland park house cat earned his keep. >>and is catnip wednesday night when he came face to face with a trio of vicious coyote ease so we walk outside all us and we'd see 3 coyotes just completely surrounded him my hair in a self-described cat lady was shocked to see her little fur baby inches away from becoming dinner.
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>>she's scare the coyotes cost, but it wasn't until she checked her security camera footage and saw this that she realized the epic battle that took place right in her backyard. i couldn't believe it i week we really are still shocked it was 2 days ago, and we still are still shocked. >>the odds were stacked against him. >>3 large coyote circling in on our little feline hero but max know he wasn't going down without a fight he's always been crazy like it if this were to happen with any cat it would be him so how has life changed since his heavyweight title. >>well max is days as outdoor cat are over you don't see videos like that you see them getting the end and it could just been so different and we're really lucky. but he still looks out longingly at his former domain perhaps mulling over his time as the big cap on the block. >>if you want to hire a bodyguard, maybe consider back so yeah, i'm. what started $25 an him out.
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>>so you're another woman there says she is considering building a patio or let patio i just learned that a lot of capital work at those cute. it would allow max is still you know hang out outdoors but be protected from predators like coyotes. well. heck of a catch tech of the a proper news at 5 things of being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news. >>in primetime patio can weigh-in pam moore learned a new word maybe like, doesn't have the same right grant vicki thanks to both coming up next tonight at 6 a man hired to drive children home from school arrested for assault false imprisonment and kidnapping by police are worried there might be additional victims plus a group of homeless mothers now kicked out of the vacant house in oakl%nd where they are tonight and why one mother says this is just the beginning. >>and san francisco city leaders are working to build affordable housing fo
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